Bare Root Fruit Tree season has come to a close!

Bare Root Fruit Tree season runs January through February.
Please check back in September 2024 when our Pre-Order program begins.

Bare Root Fruit Trees

Urban Tree Farm Nursery Inc. gives no warranty; expressed or implied, as to the variety or productivity of any product it sells.
Everyone knows nothing is healthier and tastes better than handpicked fresh fruit off of your own tree! When it is time to plant BARE ROOT FRUIT TREES, come in to Urban Tree Farm Nursery and choose from a great selection of the best tasting varieties of Bare Root apples, cherries, peaches, plums, pluots, pears and much more!
Special Order Bare Root Fruit Trees (SOFT) are for pick up ONLY
We do not ship via UPS or other carriers – No Exceptions
Orders MUST be placed by Monday, October 30th 2023 at 4:00pm
All questions can be sent to:

What is a Bare Root Fruit Tree?

Bare Root Fruit trees are fruit trees sold with no dirt around the roots. They are only sold during dormancy which is typically January and February in our Sonoma County climate. While they are easier to plant than most container trees they do take a little extra care. You must keep the roots covered so they don’t dry out. You can do so by covering the roots with bark or soil when they get home. Some people even use wet newspapers. This process is called healing in. Whatever your method is, the key is to get the trees into the ground as soon as possible and keep them covered with a moist medium before you plant so they don’t dry out before you plant them.

Urban Tree Farm Nursery in Santa Rosa, CA has bare root fruit trees.

Special Order Fruit Tree (SOFT)

The Special Order Fruit Tree (SOFT) program allows you, the Backyard Gardener, to order Bare Root Fruit Tree varieties of your choice before the winter delivery season and assure the availability of your trees.
We accept SOFT orders from September – October 30th by 4:00pm. Trees will arrive at Urban Tree Farm late January to mid-February 2024.
When your order arrives, you will be notified and can pick it up here at Urban Tree Farm Nursery in Fulton, CA.
Trees are ordered as 5/8” caliper. If you prefer 1/2″ or 3/4″ caliper, please indicate on your form. We will do our best to fill as requested.
Only items appearing on the SOFT list are eligible.

Ordering Is Simple!

Select your favorite bare root fruit trees from SOFT Price List below.
Indicate your selections on the ORDER FORM along with quantities and sizes.
Email your to order to We will call you for payment after we receive your order.

Order and Payment must be received before October 30th by 4pm.

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