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We, or our vendors, are waiting for the roots to fully form to the container so they are strong enough to transplant safely.

Red flags indicate that all of the plants in that row are not ready for sale. There is one red flag per group of plants that are still growing, always at the front of the row.

We do not offer pre-orders or wait lists. But you can always send us an email asking for an update or check the availability lists on the website!

Unfortunately, they are not, thank you for understanding.

STD is short for “STANDARD” which indicates the plant has been pruned into a single trunk – like a lollipop or a street tree. Usually this is labeled on plants that can be sold as a bush/multi-trunk style or a single trunk. It helps us tell the difference in our inventory system. An exception is on some of our fruit trees, mostly citrus – STD means standard full size root-stock, while SDWF means Semi-Dwarf root-stock.

The golf carts are for employee use only, thank you for not driving them!

We do not offer any shipping – not within California and not out of state. We just do deliveries in pick-up trucks during the day.

The three-hour window helps us to accommodate for unforeseen traffic issues and for unloading everyone’s plants at their stops. This process can take some time, especially if the order is large.

We don’t work with other nurseries in this way. We will happily deliver the plants to your location for the listed delivery fee or we are open to the public 6 days a week so you can pick the plants up in person!

This is not a service we offer. You can always email us to request our landscaper quick-reference guide for a place to start!

We do not have a blanket guarantee on our plants – there are too many external factors outside of our control once the plants leave the nursery (weather, installation, watering, gophers, deer etc…). But if you start to notice anything happening to your plant or tree please email us with photos and as much other information as you can and we can troubleshoot with you!

As long as the plants are still in their containers and in good condition. It helps if you have your receipt, or you can email us and ask for assistance looking it up before you come in. We do not accept returns after 30 days.

Usually yes, but please give us as much advance notice as possible as it will help with our loading process. Other customers will have their orders on the truck as well so you may need to reschedule if there is no longer any room to include additional plants.

We need one day a week with no foot-traffic for maintenance and other nursery projects. Weekends are a must for customers and landscapers usually start their large projects on Mondays – so Tuesdays just makes sense!

Only employees may drive vehicles around the tree farm. It’s safer that way.

We don’t sell anything you have to replant every year – so no veggie starts, annuals, or herbs that need to be replanted. We do often have perennial or shrubby herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary, etc.) and of course lots of fruit trees and berries! We also sell Renee’s Seeds for several annual flowers and vegetables.

ALWAYS water your new plants, regardless of their eventual water needs. Plants and trees need time to establish. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about watering or installation, we are happy to help!

Urban Tree Farm Nursery was established in 1970.

Our Fulton location is the one and only!