Can't recall all of those names? No worries. We have got you covered!

Items can NOT be purchased on our website.

The Wishlist feature simply allows you to create and print a list to bring along the next time you visit Urban Tree Farm Nursery.

  • Add your favorite plants, trees, shrubs, etc. to a Wishlist by first clicking "Select Options" button and choosing your desired container size, then clicking the "Add to Wishlist" button.
    *** Quantity can only be adjusted AFTER the item has been added to your Wishlist ***
  • You may view your Wishlist by clicking on the heart-shaped icon near the search bar or by navigating to this page: Browse Wishlist.
  • When finished building your Wishlist, you can download a PDF from the Wishlist page. Optionally, to save your Wishlist for viewing at a later date, you must create a User Account first.
Build a wishlist at Urban Tree Farm Nursery!